We are very pleased to continue our Film Nights at Sligo Sudbury School this year with a screening of Self-Taught, Life Stories from Self-Directed Learners.

“Through the stories of six extraordinary individuals, Self-Taught explores what self-directed education means to them and the impact it has had on their lives, ambitions, work, and beliefs.
Whether Artist, Scientist, or Entrepreneur, they all have one thing in common: their belief that a true education is the capacity to author your own life….”

Film Nights at Sligo Sudbury School are offered as an opportunity for parents, children, and teenagers to consider what learning and education mean for the individual and for society, what is the purpose of education, and what it means to be educated. It is a chance to explore the variety of ways learning can happen, the impact of choice and freedom in learning, well-being, and ultimately, success.

We hope you will join us on Wednesday, November 20th, 6pm.

Sligo Sudbury School
Co. Sligo