June 2024 News

Hello everyone

Where to begin wrapping up this extraordinary year of adventures and memories. June is typically a tiny bit frenzied as we try to squeeze as much juice out of the year as we can, and some bigger projects suddenly find themselves with a deadline. No pressure! We take it all in our stride as always. School Meeting gave final approval to budgets and plans for next year, and the backlog of JC cases […]

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May 2024 News

Hello everyone

May has been a month bursting at the seams with exciting adventures. Highlights this month included an all-school Water Fight on The Amazing Sunny Day, Market Day, Music Concerts, not one but two Gaisce Adventure Journeys, a trip to visit Microsoft in Dublin for the Dreamspace coders, Graduate Portfolio reviews, and Parent Chat Night.

After many months of script writing, planning and booking spaces and scouting locations, filming has commenced on Umi’s new […]

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Self Directed Life: Episode 4

Self Directed Life: Episode 4 – Interview with Izzy and Marko – Learning more about our Staff Members

Welcome to the fourth episode of Self-directed Life, we hope you’ve been enjoying our episodes so far. On our latest episode, we talk to Marko and Izzy, two staff members at our school who have been here since nearly day one. We discuss their own educational experiences, their roles as facilitators and mentors, how they balance being both staff members and parents […]

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Self Directed Life: Episode 3

Episode 3 The Majestic Frogs – Developing your Passion, Freedom, and Responsibility

On the third episode of our podcast, we speak to one of our school bands, The Majestic Frogs. These guys are twelve years old and under, and many of them didn’t even play an instrument before joining the band. They have been playing our school concerts, writing their own songs and inspiring many others to start their own bands! We discuss what it’s like to follow your passion […]

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Seeking dynamic, tech savvy, creative staff member for 2024-2025


Sligo Sudbury School is seeking one additional staff member for the 2024-25 school year. We are looking for passionate, hard-working individuals who deeply believe in self-directed education for children. 

Staffing at Sligo Sudbury School is very different from working in other types of schools. Here, students direct their own learning and participate as equals in all decisions regarding school  governance. Sligo Sudbury students control how and when to […]

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April News

Hello everyone

April has been a busy and beautiful month with plenty of sun shine and warm weather to keep our spirits high. The Drama club put on a fantastic performance of Appropriate Audience Behaviour, a play where the performers are the audience. The acting was mesmerising and hilarious and the “actual” audience were blown away by the talent. Many months of crochet work literally came together as students who had been working on individual patchwork squares […]

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March News

Hello everyone and Happy Easter!

March highlights included the Sligo Engineering Fair held at ATU Campus on Sunday, March 3rd. One of our very creative student engineers was onsite to display and demonstrate his ballista and catapult, which he designed and built at school with the help of staff member Troy.

Planning Permission […]

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Education for a changing world; Self-Directed and Democratic.

Education for a changing world. 

A complete education can no longer be limited to the accumulation of knowledge and the development of some rudimentary academic skills. Children growing up today will need much more. 21st century students must not only be critical thinkers, self-motivated learners, competent problem-solvers, and life-long learners. They also must have well developed qualities of empathy, respect, cooperation, and collaboration.  

Children today need an education system […]

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February Newsletter

Gio, te Gio

What we’ve been doing.

Hello everyone and Happy Springtime!

The month of February began of course with Imbolc and Brigid’s Day, and the celebration of the arrival of spring. Weaving St. Brigid’s crosses quickly expanded into a number of new shapes as we played with the rushes and devised new patterns.

Pancake Day marked another important celebration in Irish culture. While “Carnival” is celebrated in other parts of the world with masks, costumes, […]

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