Easter Tree

  Making our Easter Tree was fun. We blew the yolks out of the eggs first. Then we painted them. Then we hung them up on the tree. They look just like eggs hanging from a tree.  

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Myths and Legends

We had a great time working with students of Sligo IT's Creative Writing Programme recently. In the first workshop the students talked together about their favourite myths and legends from Ireland and around the world. Each student them wrote and illustrated a story of their choice. Some students created their own story while others retold [...]

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OPEN DAY 22nd May, 3-6PM

  Our next Open Day is on Wednesday, 22nd May from 3-6pm. Anyone who would like to come to see our school and find out more about how a Sudbury School works is welcome to attend. We look forward to seeing you.  

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Biodiversity Conference 2019

Members of Sligo Sudbury School attended the National Biodiversity Conference on the 20th and 21st February this year and presented a poster board providing an introduction to our biodiversity project and its progress to date. We were represented by Gayle Nagle and Melinda Swann, Through the support of the Community Foundation for Ireland we have [...]

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Slumber Party

On Mon 4th Feb, we all came in early and built a fort out of yoga mats, blankets and cushions. We ate pancakes and just chilled out for the day playing truth or dare. I beat the most jumps on a skipping rope without stopping record (49). Funnily enough, that one day was the warmest [...]

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Wed 6th Feb Colin Harte came in to help us with woodwork. We did sawing and squaring and learned what all of the tools did. At the moment we are in the process of making small wooden planes. We started by measuring a plank of wood into a rectangle of 200mm. We were in groups [...]

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Democratic Education – Film Screening and Discussion.

Sligo Sudbury School Thursday January 31st, 2019 6pm - 8pm ALL WELCOME! Democratic Schools is a film for those who are not already experts in the politics of education. It is a film that tries to show, as factually and objectively as possible, what unites these schools that assemble once a year under the visionary [...]

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End of Year Greetings

Season's Greetings! So much has happened in these short months it's difficult to know where to begin. Since opening in September with an exceptional staff team and 14 students we have established a strong democratic foundation for our school community through negotiation and compromise at our School Meetings, and have seen a wide variety of [...]

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Our Wishlist with Thanks

  A big thank you to all of the generous people who have provided us with books, furniture, equipment, time and advice so far to get us off the ground.  If you missed your chance and would like to help out or provide something for the children at Sligo Sudbury School please see the list [...]

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