A school where the children are in charge

Sligo Champion 30.11.2021

“With traditional school I hated going in, I would pretend to be sick every morning, but now it’s easier because you know you’re going to enjoy your time here.”

These are the words of Avarose Gregory Furey, a 12-year-old pupil of the Sligo Sudbury, a democratic school, with no formal curriculum and no standard syllabus.

Democratic schools are guided by an educational philosophy that’s based […]

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Lunchtime Live Interview 7th Oct 2020

No homework required :)

Gayle Nagle (founder and staff member of Sligo Sudbury School), and Julie Meehan (child psychologist and parent of 2 Sligo Sudbury School students) were on Lunchtime Live talking about Sligo Sudbury School, intrinsic motivation, and the concept of homework.

Lunchtime Live, Wednesday 7th October.  The interview is about 29 minutes into the show. Listen Here



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Image Magazine on Alternative Schooling

We are thrilled to be featured by Image Magazine’s Orla Neligan in her exploration of alternative schooling, which includes the voices of parents, homeschoolers, experts in child psychology, and mainstream teachers in addition to that of democratic, self-directed education.

One size certainly does not fit all, and we believe all children should be able to access the education that suits them best.

Read the complete article HERE.

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