Welcome to Sligo Sudbury School, a place where young people aged 5-18 can learn through play and experience at their own pace, in their own time and in their own way. Our school is founded on freedom, trust, respect and responsibility.  We trust in children’s innate capacity to learn through their very own voyage of discovery and we respect their choices and rights as whole individuals.  Through exercising their rights to choose and to go about their day in a peaceful way, children have an opportunity to learn how to afford others the same rights and how to negotiate the delicate interplay between individual’s freedoms and their responsibilities to the community.

If we wish to see our young people grow into respectful, resourceful, resilient, healthy, compassionate, responsible and passionate adults we must create a rich environment that is imbued with these values and gives ample opportunity to practice these life skills.

We are influenced by many other democratic schools worldwide, and the research and writings of many philosophers, academics and practitioners.  We are particularly inspired by, and grateful for the support of the founder members of Wicklow Sudbury School, Ireland’s first democratic school.


Sligo Sudbury School is located just outside Sligo town in the Faughts townland, Dunally, Calry, Co. Sligo.


Sligo Sudbury School is a Registered Charity.

Charity Registration Number: 20200314


Image Magazine on Alternative Schooling

We are thrilled to be featured by Image Magazine’s Orla Neligan in her exploration of alternative schooling, which includes the voices of parents, homeschoolers, experts in child psychology, and mainstream teachers in addition to that of democratic, self-directed education.

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