June 2024 News

Hello everyone

Where to begin wrapping up this extraordinary year of adventures and memories. June is typically a tiny bit frenzied as we try to squeeze as much juice out of the year as we can, and some bigger projects suddenly find themselves with a deadline. No pressure! We take it all in our stride as always. School Meeting gave final approval to budgets and plans for next year, and the backlog of JC cases […]

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April News

Hello everyone

April has been a busy and beautiful month with plenty of sun shine and warm weather to keep our spirits high. The Drama club put on a fantastic performance of Appropriate Audience Behaviour, a play where the performers are the audience. The acting was mesmerising and hilarious and the “actual” audience were blown away by the talent. Many months of crochet work literally came together as students who had been working on individual patchwork squares […]

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February Newsletter

Gio, te Gio

What we’ve been doing.

Hello everyone and Happy Springtime!

The month of February began of course with Imbolc and Brigid’s Day, and the celebration of the arrival of spring. Weaving St. Brigid’s crosses quickly expanded into a number of new shapes as we played with the rushes and devised new patterns.

Pancake Day marked another important celebration in Irish culture. While “Carnival” is celebrated in other parts of the world with masks, costumes, […]

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January 2024 Newsletter

Hello everyone!

It’s great to be back at school and to start this new year. Some of us missed school so much we began counting the number of sleeps before going back to school on the day after Christmas.

We welcomed two new students this January and sadly said goodbye to one of our veteran students who left us this year to follow her dreams. We wish her every success in her endeavours. We have a new student intern joining us for this term. […]

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December 2023 News

Hello everyone!

These short few weeks of December have been packed with fun and seasonal excitement.

Christmas Market
We held an expanded Christmas market early in the month. Student stallholders sold a variety of handmade art & crafts, home baked goodies, pre-loved toys and books, handmade jewellery and trinkets, beauty products, and fashion items. The cream filled meringues topped with chocolate sauce were very successful, selling out in 15 minutes. :) Staff and parents […]

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November 2023 News

Hello everyone!

After a well deserved mid-term break and an exciting Halloween we returned in November to chillier days and the lovely colours of autumn on the roads and in the fields around our school.

The colder, and sometimes rainy weather, has not cooled our students enjoyment of outdoor play. Tunnel town may look a little despondent, now that the long grass is dying back, but its inhabitants are in full swing as they expand their territory and make preparations for winter. Football and […]

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October 2023 News

Hello everyone!

October is always a great month at school and this year was no different, as new and renewed friendships and connections made at the start of the year developed and deepened and everyone got stuck into doing the things that are interesting and fun for them. Students and staff were engaged in a huge range of activities and it was such a joy to observe. Around every corner you turn at school, you can find groups of people of […]

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May 2023 Newsletter

Hello everyone!

Ah, the beautiful month of May! Fields full of flowers and butterflies, and happy children. All of the quiet determination and struggles of winter and spring blossom into effortless success.

Market Day at the beginning of the month again gave students a chance to show their creativity and entrepreneurial skills. Food stalls are always a big hit with pizza, french crepes, and homemade cakes and cookies taking centre […]

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