We are currently taking expressions of interest and pre-enrolments.  Please fill in our contact form if you would like us to note your child’s name as a potential member.

Our admissions process consists of completion of required enrollment documentation, followed by a meeting with the child and parents aimed at explaining the philosophy of education that our school espouses and answering any questions that the family may have.  Acceptance of a place and payment of membership dues is the final stage of the admission process.


Sligo Sudbury School will not receive state funding through the Department of Education & Skills and so will charge membership dues, on a cost sharing basis, which will cover all operational costs.

We will be active in our approach to fundraising both through private donations, philanthropy, organised events and seeking volunteers, but until our Charity Status has been granted to us we cannot engage in any of these activities.

Social inclusion and accessibility to people on all income streams is an expressed objective of Sligo Sudbury School and we are researching ways in which we can include members whose families may not be in a position to pay membership dues.

Transparency and fairness are central to all financial operations.

For more detailed information please contact the admissions office .